Witness 008 Health: Running and Rest

I started running daily while playing sports in high school.  My football coach insisted that I run two miles a day during my junior and senior years.  Of course, I did feel stronger physically, and my performance on the team improved.  Those improvements made running daily a strong incentive. 

I continued running while in college.  I had increased the distance to 30 minutes per day.  I used time to measure the run because sometimes I was not on a track when I ran and wanted to have a consistent measurement.  We did not have watches that measured distance back then.  By using time as the measurement, I could run anywhere and know when I completed my goal.

College Football Physical

During my first year of playing college football, I had a physical conducted by the team doctor.  He said my pulse was below 60 beats per minute and my blood pressure was 112 over 74.   The doctor said that was excellent.  We discussed my physical activities. He said the running was probably the reason for strong heart measurements. 

I continued running after completing college football.  When I was in the Marine Corps I increased my daily running, and my heart measurements improved even more.  I ran my first marathon while in the Marine Corps. I ran three more over the years following my service in the Marine Corps.

3,000 consecutive days of running 30 minutes or more

Three years ago, during Easter Weekend, my Pastor, Pastor Mu, gave a sermon about what Jesus did on the Saturday after the crucifixion and before the resurrection.  Jesus rested.  I had heard dozens of sermons during the Eastern Weekend over the years, but this was the first time the focus was on Saturday.  I thought, if Jesus needs rest, maybe I do as well.  I did some research on the Internet to see what the medical community had to say.  I was amazed to learn that even the top runners rest at least one day a week and normally two days a week.

The more I studied, the more I learned how important rest is.  I immediately reduced my running to six days a week.  Resting one day a week was significant for me because before this sermon I had run almost 14 years without missing a day.  Even when I traveled, I ran in the halls of the airport.

Within a month after resting one day a week, I began to feel better.  Now for the past three years I have rested one day a week, and I still have good heart measurements.  Both the running and the rest are critical.  I truly see the importance of keeping the Sabbath.

Christian Bible Lesson 7: Keep Your Promises

Bible Verse

“By your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.” — Matthew 12:37

Christian Bible Lesson Overview

It is important always to be truthful.  It is easy to get in the habit of telling people what they want to hear.  In the short term, this approach may save you time, but after time you may cause harm to yourself or other people.

My experience in business has demonstrated to me that it is always better to take the time to clarify any commitments I make to customers, fellow workers, or anyone else.  I need to be clear about what I will deliver. 

When I studied this verse in Matthew, I thought about my experiences.  There were several occasions when I should have followed this lesson.  If I had taken more time and communicated the details of what I could deliver, everyone would have benefited.  If being truthful and complete caused me to work harder to get a sale or keep a customer, the effort would have made things better for me and everyone else.  Even if I lose a sale, the sale would probably have been a major challenge anyway.

This lesson of keeping your promises applies to friends, family, and everyone else.  When you take the time to be accurate with all your communication, everyone else will be more comfortable with you.  The concept of keeping promises applies to minor commitments as well as major ones.  If you commit to calling someone on a specific date, make the call on that date or let the person know in advance that you need to change the date.  It will not take long for people to respect you. 

Christian Bible Lesson for Today

Jim Brandt

This concept of keeping your promises is also important when you interact with people who are not friendly with you.  It is important to let people know that you are truthful and work hard to fulfill all your commitments regardless of your relationship with them.  If you do not meet your obligations with unfriendly people, the results will cause you and others just as much harm as if your obligation was with a family member.

Christian Bible Lesson Summary

When you are in situations where you are in doubt what to promise, do not make commitments you are not sure you can deliver, but communicate with love regardless of your audience.  After the time it takes to be trustworthy, you and everyone else will benefit.

Witness 006 Health: Weight Loss

How I lost weight

As I mentioned several times in the past, I am not a doctor or an expert on nutrition.  This article is the witness of one ordinary man.    I had a weight challenge for several years earlier in my life.  I tried several plans but did not maintain significant weight loss over an extended period.  None of the weight loss plans worked consistently over several months.   

Doctor helped me with weight control

During my annual physical, I asked my doctor about ideas.  He gave me several suggestions.  First, he said I needed to sleep well during the night.  He explained the clinical reasons sleep was important.  He also mentioned to avoid sugar, fat, beef, and pork. Of course, I knew about the foods to avoid; I just needed to find the discipline to avoid them.  Then he talked about exercise.  That was not an issue for me because I ran every morning and did a workout every evening.  However, I noticed over the years that the exercise did not have a major impact on my weight, the exercise help me lose fat, breath better, and feel healthier. 

The last point made by the doctor was to eat more times a day but reduce the amount of food and do not eat after 6 pm.  This advice was probably the most effective of all his points.  I changed my eating habits for over 30 years.  Of course, on a few occasions, when I went out to dinner with friends or family, I would eat after 6 pm. 

Weight Loss Plan

I created a plan to lose weight.  I created a daily checklist with both exercise and food.  I assigned points for achieving each item.  An example is not eating between meals was worth two points, not eating after 6 pm was worth three points, and avoiding sugar/fat was worth three points. It was much easier not to each between meals because I was eating five times a day instead of three times a day.

Checklists allowed me to measure my progress.  The challenge was that I did not have the discipline to earn enough points per day.  I thought about my situation for a long time.  My weight was a major problem for me.  I prayed about it.   After several prayers and serious thought, I realized that my challenge was that I was using food as a form of entertainment instead of a source of nourishment. 

I also made sure I went to bed earlier, and I avoided any naps during the day. Sleeping better at night had a major impact on my health. I noticed the positive change almost immediately.


After I selected different forms of entertainment that did not increase my weight, I began losing weight.  It still took discipline, and there were times when I craved something sweet or wanted food after 6 pm.  During those times, when I wanted to divert from the plan, I prayed to find the discipline. 



After advice from my doctor, answered prayers, and the desire to improve my health, I became satisfied.

Christian Bible Lesson 5: Always do more than asked

Bible Verse

“If anyone wants to go to law with you over your tunic, hand him your cloak as well. Should anyone press you into service for one mile, go with him for two miles. Give to the one who asks of you, and do not turn your back on one who wants to borrow.” — Matthew 5:40-42

Christian Bible Lesson Overview

It is always important to exceed expectations when you can.  Completing more than is expected is a concept that will help define you to your friends, fellow workers, classmates, and even enemies.  When you strive to accomplish more than was expected, you help others and create a positive role model for others. 

I learned this concept when I played football in college.  The Sermon on the Mount was my favorite passage in the Bible.  When I read the fifth chapter of Matthew carefully I began to understand how this lesson affected me and gave me guidance regarding how to support the team.  When I worked harder to accomplish the team objectives and was not concerned about my visibility, not only did the team benefit, but I received more support from the coaches and the other players.  I learned that doing more helped others and changed the way teammates and coaches perceived me.  I benefited more from mutual respect than I would have gained if I had not done the extra work.

During my college years, I did not see how the concept of doing more than expected applied to other areas of my life.  However, because I worked so hard doing more than expected while playing football, the work ethic applied when I went to flight school in the Marine Corps.  It would have been better if I knew the concept came from a Christian Lesson, but because I worked so hard to implement the concept during college football, it became part of my personality, and I applied it to flight school in the Marine Corps. 

When I started my business I applied the same concept.  This time I knew it was from the Christian Lesson and Jesus introduced the concept during the Sermon on the Mount.

Christian Lesson for Today

I applied the same concept of doing more than expected to all my work, friendships, family, and other interactions.  Other people always respond positively.  The benefits to everyone involved are much greater than the effort to do the extra work.  In the long run, the benefit to me is also well worth the effort.

It is important to apply the principle of doing more than expected when it applies to those who are unfriendly to you.  I was amazed at how quickly a relationship with someone unfriendly can change when you do more work than expected, and that person sees the benefit. 

Witness 004 Health: Sleep

Lack of Energy

After I reached the age of 40, I noticed a lack of energy during the second half of the day.  At times it was difficult to focus when I was talking with customers.  When I had the opportunity, I would rest for short periods; but that did not seem to help.  I did not do anything about it for almost a year.  Then I read an article about the importance of sleep.  I thought about it and concluded that I never slept soundly through the night.

Speaking with my doctor

I talked with my doctor about sleep, and he discussed several challenges when a person does not achieve a full night’s sleep.  The challenges he mentioned included:  learning and memory, mood changes, increased stress, and weight gain.

I thought about what my doctor said and decided his caution made sense. 

Learning and Memory

I did not realize it, but my short time memory was not clear, and reviewing technical information seemed more difficult.

Weight Gain

I had gained weight over the past five years and had to work very hard to lose it. Maintaining weight became a significant challenge. It was very difficult to lose unwanted weight.

Mood – Irritability

I did have a difficult time concentrating. It seemed as though everything bothered me. The mood changes created a challenge everywhere, with customers, fellow workers, family, and friends.

Increased Stress

My stress level seemed higher, but I thought it was because of new business challenges.  After I thought about it for a while, I realized the current business challenges were not greater than the challenges of the past.


I studied the way I approached my workday and decided I needed to make some changes.  I was resting in the middle of the day.  The doctor told me I should avoid mid-day sleeping.   I started planning the next work-day each evening.  I tracked the completed items, which made me feel better about the day before sleeping. 

I checked my diet and made some changes.  Also, I quit eating after 5 pm when possible.  That helped me sleep.  I avoided taking any sleeping medication because I did not have confidence that I understood the risks.

At times it was difficult to stay on the diet and work schedule.  I found Prayer worked for me.  Every time I wanted to eat too much or wanted to eat sweets; Prayer helped me think about how important it is to stay on my plan.

After a few months, the results were better memory, better focus, and I did seem to have more energy. I still felt challenged in these areas, but it was better than before making the changes.

After many years, I began experiencing the same challenges again.  I was exercising and eating properly.  I was not taking naps during the day; but, I still had memory challenges, a lack of energy, and felt a high level of stress. 

My sister introduced me to Vasayo Products several years ago.  I studied the product sheets and found the information interesting.  I checked with my doctor and made sure there was no medical reason not to try some of the products.  I used several of the Vasayo Products and notice a positive change in my overall health.  After using the Sleep Product, I was able to sleep the entire night.  The Renew helped me with my short term memory, and the Energy Product made my afternoons much more productive.

Now I feel better than I did thirty years ago.  I wish I had made these changes much earlier in my life.

Christian Bible Lesson 3: Let your yes mean yes

Bible Verses

“Let your ‘Yes’ mean ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No’ mean ‘No.’” — Matthew: 5:37

“By your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.” — Matthew 12:37

Christian Bible Lesson Overview

Jesus made it clear that you should be honest with your communication with everyone.  Also, the thought you communicate should be accurate.  There are so many times I replied yes to someone when I was just delaying a situation or trying to change subjects.  It seems difficult to be direct and give an accurate response, but after time the outcome will be much better. 

Christian Lesson for Today

Jim Brandt

This concept was difficult for me, especially with customers.  I was always concerned about losing the sale.  After studying this lesson and applying the message to my daily activities, I did see the benefits.  When I gave a “yes” answer to questions when the response should have been “no,” or I am not sure; not only was I dishonest, but I delayed a situation that I could have resolved during the conversation.

I discovered that when I was careful about the accuracy of my “yes” and “no” responses, people respected me.  It took a while for me to realize that there was no benefit in delaying a situation or misleading someone, but there was a major benefit in being truthful and making all my communication clear.

This concept helped me with my fellow workers as well.  It is amazing how much more you can accomplish when you are accurate with your responses.  Not only do you save time by communicating accurately during the initial conversation, but your fellow workers, staff members, or employees begin to respect you more.  There is no benefit in sending an inaccurate message.

The concept of being accurate when you reply “yes” or “no” also applies to family and friends.  Sometimes it takes courage and discipline to be accurate with your responses, but after time it becomes part of your personality.

Christian Bible Lesson Summary

I discovered that I always benefit from being accurate with “Yes” or “No” communication with everyone.  Giving accurate responses may be more difficult at the time of the conversation, but the benefits received over time are substantial.

Witness 002 Health: Physical & Financial


When I refer to health, I am talking about both physical and financial health.  Of course, financial health affects physical health, and physical health can have a major impact on financial health.  As with our Christian Lesson Category; the Posts in the Health Category are ordinary people witnesses that affect their physical health or/and financial health.  It is our objective to help as many people as possible to improve their health in both ways.

It is important to mention that I have no medical training and do not wish for any of my posts to be considered medical advice.  I am just relaying simple witness accounts of experiences that affected my health or the health of another member of the group. 

Health Products

During some of my posts, I will refer to health products called Vasayo.  These products affect both physical health and financial health.  You can purchase any of the Vasayo Products directly from us, or you can build an additional income by becoming a Brand Partner.  I have used Vasayo Products for almost three years and experienced significant health advantages.  I will discuss Vasayo Products in my posts.

Health Challenge

I wish to tell you about a health challenge I had almost three years ago and how I was able to overcome that challenge with simple advice from my doctor. During an annual physical my doctor told me my “A1C” count had risen to the borderline Diabetes level.  I have several friends suffering from Diabetes challenges. In all cases, Diabetes had a major negative impact on their lives.  I was frightened that I could advance to full Diabetes.   One of the major effects was that I suffered gout in both feet.  I had never experienced gout.  I felt extreme pain in both feet. 

Doctor’s Advice

Discussion with Doctor

My doctor told me to avoid beef, pork, and sugar. He said it might be difficult to eliminate them completely, but he said I should avoid eating any of them on a routine basis. Then he gave advice that made a difference. He said to avoid eating from fast food places like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, or Carl’s Jr. as much as possible. He then said that on those occasions when you do eat at a fast-food facility; do not order the full meal. Just order the item and a drink. If the fast-food facility offers ice tea as a drink, he said drink tea instead of soda.



The doctor also asked me about vitamins.  I was not taking any vitamins at the time.  He said that was important for my overall health.   That was when I began taking the Vasayo Vitamins.  I have taken them every day for almost three years, and the difference has been significant.   

My overall health improved dramatically after a combination of using Vasayo Products, avoiding beef, port, sugar, and not ordering the full meal at fast-food facilities. I have no gout, and my A1C is in the normal range.

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Christian Bible Lesson 1: Love Those Who Criticize You

Bible Verse

“Do not judge so that you will not be judged. For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you. Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?read more.
Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ and behold, the log is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.”
– Matthew 7:1-5

“Do not judge so that you will not be judged. For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you. Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?read more.
Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ and behold, the log is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.
— Matthew 5:44-47

Christian Bible Lesson Overview

We have all been in situations where someone deliberately tries to hurt us.  I faced this situation many times in business.  Sometimes it is a fellow staff member; other times it has been a customer or a competitor.  When I was younger, I would respond with an aggressive attack and feel good about myself if I sensed weakness from the other person.

However, the concept I missed is that after the event was over, my situation had not improved and perhaps had lost some ground.  I was not thinking about the whole picture.  If my objective is to be a better person and help those around me; then what benefit is it to attack someone who attacked me?  The understanding of that situation does not come naturally.   I had to think about it after studying the Bible Lesson. 

Christian Bible Lesson for Today

Jim Brandt

As I grew up, I was taught to be strong and attack anyone who attacked me.  It was a sign of weakness to let anyone take advantage of me.  It is especially difficult to control my emotions when all those around me encourage a strong response.  Unfortunately, I lived most of my life, responding directly to attacks.

After attending a Bible Study class for a few months; I committed to following the main points in the lessons.  It took a lot of self-discipline to implement this lesson.  I remember the first time a person verbally assaulted me.   He was a fellow staff member who always disagreed with my approach to sales.  We had a history of verbally attacking each other.  I remember the first time I listened to his assault and realized he did have a couple of good points although I did disagree with his main position.  When I calmly acknowledge he had some good points, the result was amazing.   He had to stop and think for a moment.  He calmed down completely.  Then he complimented me.

Christian Bible Lesson Summary

That event took place several years ago.  I still have a good relationship with that person today.  I disagree with him two-thirds of the time, but I listen to him and benefit from the other third.  If I had not committed to implementing the lessons from Bible Study, I would not have had the benefit of a positive friendship with that staff member.

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