Christian Bible Lesson 127: Avoid Anger

Anger and hatred are emotions we must do our best to avoid.  You do experience those emotions initially, but it is critical to not allow them to control your behavior. 

Compassion, mercy, love, patience, kindness, charity, goodness, self-control, and others are the good emotions we can use to combat anger and hatred.  When someone does something terrible to you, you will experience anger at first.  However, initially, it is important to control your actions and give yourself time to think about what you should do versus reacting to the situation.

Christian Bible Lesson 125: A Good Honest Reputation

Focus your energy on Christian Values and do not worry about special attention or receiving credit for your good ways.  Your behavior will impact other people, even those you do not know.  Regardless of whether you receive an acknowledgment for your good behavior, you will have a good impact on those people touched by you directly or indirectly.

Christian Bible Lesson 124: Exercise Courage

It is critical to have the courage to make the right decision and stand by that decision when you are faced with major challenges.  As stated in the Bible Verses above, God will support you if you trust in him.  Sometimes it is difficult to respond because of being afraid of physical harm, desires not to hurt someone, or fear of losing possessions.  Although these fears are different, they all require the same courage to face a challenge with the strength of Christian Teachings. 

Christian Bible Lesson 123: Maintain Strength, Judgement, and Discipline

As we learn in the Bible, It is critical to follow the Ten Commandments.   In order to consistently obey the Commandments, it takes strength, judgment, and discipline at all times to avoid situations that create a strong temptation to break a Commandment.  Probably the most common Commandment broken that could have been avoided is the Ninth Commandment, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”. 

Christian Bible Lesson 122: Be Honest

All Christians agree that it is critical to follow the Ten Commandments even when it is challenging.  The ninth commandment, “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor”, is challenging for many people.  As with the other commandments, there are many practical reasons to obey the ninth commandment.  Frequently when people do not tell the truth it is to avoid facing other challenges such as explaining one of their actions or disclosing a secret that will hurt someone.  

Christian Bible Lesson 121: Thinking of Others

It is critical to always think about others, especially during times of hardship. Of course, when a family member or friend needs your help, it is essential to stand by them. We do not know about all the occasions other people helped us when we were in need. There will come a time when you need the help of someone, possibly someone you do not know. 

Christian Bible Lesson 120: Working Hard

Greg works as a sales manager for a software company.  He has eight in-house salespeople and five telemarketers in his group.  Greg is responsible for managing the leads from the marketing group, training the sales team, and managing the overall sales effort.  His sales plan includes contacting major lead sources, conducting sales calls with his salespeople, and helping close sales. 

Christian Bible Lesson 119: Fear and Anxiety

It is essential that we do not allow fear and anxiety to control our lives.  Of course, it is important for us to always be careful and not expose our lives and the lives of our loved ones to unnecessary danger.  However, when we find ourselves in situations with significant risk, it does not help to be overwhelmed with anxiety.