Christian Bible Lesson 117: Strength and Courage

It is very important that you have the strength to make good honest choices and the courage to behave accordingly.  Sometimes it may seem easy to withhold some truth or mislead others now.  However, over a long period, it is important to have the strength to consider an honest decision and to exercise the courage to defend that decision regardless of the consequences. 

Christian Bible Lesson 116: Christmas – Help Others

Christmas is a time to be with family and friends.  It is good to focus on those things you love about all those people who are close to you.  Of course, that is important.  It is also important to think about those who are in need and will not enjoy a happy Christmas.  It can be as simple as inviting a friend to spend Christmas with you when you know that friend is having a very difficult time.  You could also contribute to a charity that provides special Christmas meals for needy people. 

Christian Bible Lesson 115: Control Stress

The medical community has provided significant information regarding preparing for stress.  Their suggestions include at least seven hours of sleep at night, exercising regularly, meditation, and staying socially connected.  However, living with stress while you are experiencing it is much more challenging. 

Christian Bible Lesson 114: Build Relationships

It is important to do everything we can to avoid anger.  As we have all seen, when we allow ourselves to get angry, we lose control of our emotions, which causes us to do things that we regret later.  Developing strong relationships with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, Church members, and people we meet at random leads us to strong relationships that benefit everyone. 

Christian Bible Lesson 113: Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving, it is important to think about all the things that make your life better, not just the possessions you have or the family and friends who treat you in a special way.  It is a time for you to reflect on all the things that helped you be the person you are.  Some things were gifts from birth such as your health, your parents/family, your natural abilities, and the environment where you were born.