December 2019 Newsletter

Scheduled Events

Scheduled Presentations in January

We will be conducting three Health Products Presentation in January.  Sunday, January 12, at 7 pm, Sunday, Sunday, January 19 at 4 pm, and Sunday, January 26 at 4 pm in Carson, CA.  Email for address and other information.  If you need presentation help other than those dates, send me an email message,, and I will schedule with you.  I can also do online presentations for people located in other areas.

Accomplishments During December

We posted eight Blog Articles, four in the Christian Lesson Category and four in the Health Category.  We added several members on the Website (, on our Facebook Group (Life Enhancement Group, and Twitter at  Our goal is to grow the membership list both in all three groups.  Please ask your friends to join and give us feedback.

We update the Life Enhancement Group Website all the time.  Please join us at  As we mentioned last month, we created the forum so you can enter your own experiences with Christian Lessons.  Choose any topic on the forum to respond or create your topic. We also want to comment on the Forum about people in need.  We will use the replies from the Forum in our next book.

Blog Postings during December

Blog Articles
Christian Lessons

Category: Christian Lessons

Witness 019 Christian Lesson: Take the difficult path         December 3, 2019

Witness 021 Christian Lessons: When in crises, spend more time alone                December 10, 2019

Witness 023 Christian Lesson: Do not give up     December 17, 2019

Witness 025 Christian Lesson:  Pruning in your life makes life better 
December 24, 2019

Witness 027 Christian Lessons: Contribute To The Needy In Private December 31, 2019


Category:  Health

Witness 020 Health:  Trans Fat    December 4, 2019

Witness 022 Health: Keeping your mind active December 11, 2019

Witness 024 Health:  Protein effect on weight loss    December 18, 2019

Witness 026 Health: Achieving long term diet change   December 25, 2019


We are working to help every member participate in the Life Enhancement Group.  Please ask your family and friends to subscribe to our Blog and participate in our Forum.  Thank you to everyone for your help.

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