The Forum Menu has two Forums: Christian Lessons and Needy People. We are looking for actual witness experiences that follow Christian Lessons in the Witness Lessons Forum. We encourage you to enter positive experiences, where Christian Lessons was a positive experience for you and those around you. We also want people to enter experiences where they did not follow Christian Lessons, and the results were negative.

The second Forum is Needy People. We want examples of people who need help. These people are not required to be Christians. We want to select people to help with our Health Products Program. We want to identify needy people who will benefit from a predictable income that will take some work on their part, but they need no credentials. We created several specific Needs topics and one general topic. If the needy person’s situation does not fit one of the specific topics, use the general topic.

To replay to any topic, you must register and log in, so we will know who you are, and we can communicate with you regarding your experience. We plan to reply to many experiences and needy cases submitted.  We want as much communication as possible.  We also plan to include many of the replies posted on our website in our next book, “Life Enhancement with Jesus – 2020”.  Our next book will include replies from both categories of the forum.

Click on the desired Forum : Christian Lessons or Needy People, and you will access all the topics for the Forum you selected.