Christian Bible Lesson 166: Self Control

It is critical that we do not react quickly to situations and allow our emotions to take control of our actions.  This is especially true when we are reacting to the actions of other people. Regardless of how much the actions of another person may hurt you initially, it is important to not take immediate action and take the time to think about the situation from all perspectives including the perspective of the person attacking you.

Christian Bible Lesson 164: Avoid Worry and Anxiety

It is important to trust God, knowing that he will be there for you.  It is not easy to avoid worry.  It takes reading the Bible and developing a trust and understanding regarding those things that are important and what we must do to develop strong Christian lives and help others develop their Christian faith. 

Christian Bible Lesson 160: Avoid Jealousy

It requires self-discipline and a strong desire to live a righteous life to avoid jealousy.  If most of your life goals are to have vast assets, or to be popular among many people, you will face jealousy among those people who achieve more material things than you achieve.  Envy and jealousy are results of focusing on material goals. 

Christian Bible Lesson 159: Always Be Truthful

It is important to work hard to always speak the truth and not deceive.  When we speak the truth but deliberately omit information for our own benefit, that is the same as lying.  Although it takes courage and a major effort to avoid deception, the benefit of not worrying about discovery of the deception more than compensates for the effort of honesty.

Christian Bible Lesson 158: Helping Others

It is amazing how following God’s word improves your life, even when it does not seem that way initially.  Focusing a significant amount of your time trying to help other people instead of always thinking about how you can benefit from situations, will not only help other people, but improve your life at the same time.

Christian Bible Lesson 157: Hope from the Lord

It is easy to allow ourselves to focus on all the challenges and hardships in life.  This is especially true when we are facing hard times.  We must always see the plan for our lives, even during challenging times.  It is difficult to think about hope when we are in the middle of hardship.

Christian Bible Lesson 156: Do not criticize or judge others

It is important for us to be very careful about the way we evaluate other people, especially our family and friends.  It is easy to see limitations in other people, but it is much more difficult to evaluate our own actions. When we do notice transgressions from family, friends, or others; it is important not to communicate any form of judgement, but to be there to support them.