Christian Bible Lesson 107: Faith And Works In Your Entire Life

The way we live demonstrates what we believe and illustrates if the faith we say we have is real.  Faith without works is not real because true faith affects life.  It is important that we demonstrate the fruit of good works.

True faith will lead to a transformed life, faith is defined by our actions.  What we do reflects what we believe and whether our faith is true.  True faith changes life, supported by works.

Christian Bible Lesson 101: Forgive others and you will be forgiven

It is important to forgive those who wronged you.  We all make mistakes and do things that affect other people.  Sometimes people are not aware of the pain they cause others until it is too late to change their behavior.  Other times they deliberately hurt people. 

Christian Bible Lesson 99: Power of your tongue

The tongue has a lot of power.  What you say is important, but also how you say it is important.  As the Bible Verses above state, words have tremendous power.  You can help people and promote good, and you can also promote evil through the words you speak and how you speak them. 

Christian Bible Lesson 98: Do not focus on wealth

If gaining wealth is your primary objective, you may spend the majority of your time pursuing riches and miss the benefits of life.  We must be careful not to focus too much energy on working to earn money and miss opportunities to improve our lives by experiencing the companionship of other people.  This does not mean that you don’t work to support your family, it means that you have other priorities as well.

Christian Bible Lesson 96:  Self-Discipline

It is important to learn the value of thinking about actions prior to doing what feels good at the time. Many times, doing what satisfies you immediately, causes serious consequences later. This is especially true when it comes to completing tasks that you wish to avoid. Sometimes it seems that if you skip a specific task, it will not affect you. Then after time has passed, you face other consequences because you did not have the discipline to make the effort to finish your work.

Christian Bible Lesson 94: Spend Some Time in Isolation

It is important to spend some time alone to analyze your current state and your future path. Regardless of whether you feel depressed or are uplifted, you will benefit from spending some time alone thinking about your challenges and how you can improve your life. Prayers that cause you to think about your disappointments and your successes as well as your relationship with other people can be very powerful when you are isolated and focused on very specific topics