Christian Bible Lesson 96:  Self-Discipline

It is important to learn the value of thinking about actions prior to doing what feels good at the time. Many times, doing what satisfies you immediately, causes serious consequences later. This is especially true when it comes to completing tasks that you wish to avoid. Sometimes it seems that if you skip a specific task, it will not affect you. Then after time has passed, you face other consequences because you did not have the discipline to make the effort to finish your work.

Christian Bible Lesson 95:  Always Be Honest

There are times when it seems inconvenient to be completely truthful. This is especially the case when the truth causes pain to a loved one. As many Bible verses tell us, no matter how secret a truth may be, there is always a chance that the details will be revealed. In almost all cases, the pain when the truth is revealed is much stronger than if the truth were revealed initially.

Christian Bible Lesson 94: Spend Some Time in Isolation

It is important to spend some time alone to analyze your current state and your future path. Regardless of whether you feel depressed or are uplifted, you will benefit from spending some time alone thinking about your challenges and how you can improve your life. Prayers that cause you to think about your disappointments and your successes as well as your relationship with other people can be very powerful when you are isolated and focused on very specific topics

Christian Bible Lesson 93: Use your talent to help others

All of us have been given skills, interests, and individual talents. God created all of us with the potential to develop items or services that are valuable to many people. It is important to identify the potential skills you were given at birth or developed as you aged and apply those skills to both support yourself and your family as well as work with other people.

Christian Bible Lesson 91:  Focus Your Efforts

Focus your attention on those tasks that build your character and provide aid to other people. Make a daily habit of planning your activities and following that plan. It is so easy to spend a significant amount of time watching television, playing games, or doing other activities that do not add value to your life or provide aid to others. Make an effort to follow your plan and continue to improve your life and the lives of other people.

Christian Bible Lesson 90: Create Friends

These verses tell us that we need to think about how we want other people to treat us and apply that to our own behavior. If your focus is on how you treat your friends, you will benefit over time. When you do a favor for a friend for the purpose of a future benefit, your motive will eventually become apparent. Understand that friends are extremely valuable and you must consider that whenever you have the opportunity to support them.

Christian Bible Lesson 88:  Do not be lazy

Being lazy is harmful to the person being lazy and all the people affected by that person’s lack of effort.  Sometimes people expect other people to do everything for them, yet they do not support anyone else. 

It is important to pay attention to the help you receive and note how much effort you make to support other people.  This concept is true with work, family, friends, and general situations.

Christian Bible Lesson 87: Forgive Others

It always feels good when you are forgiven for something you did that hurt someone else. Even if you are very unhappy about something that person did. When you forgive another person for something they did to you, it releases you from the stress of the situation and allows you to move forward without feeling the pain caused by the other person. The other person may not change their attitude toward you, but you will move on knowing that you did not cause more harm to the situation.

Christian Bible Lesson 86: Be generous to others

When a high percentage of the population in a community makes an effort to help the needy people, everyone benefits.  Not only are more people productive and contributing to the community, but the quality of life for the entire community is improved when the people who live in the community are able to support themselves.