Christian Bible Lesson 153: Power of Unity

The Bible tells us that we are to live in harmony with each other even when others treat us poorly.  When someone mistreats you, that does not mean you should retaliate.  Do not lower yourself to the level of the person attacking you.  Instead, let them know you are sorry they are upset with you, and you will try to avoid causing them to be angry in the future. 

Christian Bible Lesson 149: Control Emotions

It is easy to allow yourself to exaggerate the severity of challenges as you face them.  When you face unexpected hardships, pain, or suffering; the immediate reaction is to lose control of your emotions and feel fear due to your immediate thoughts.  Regardless of how severe the situation seems; it is always better to control your emotions and think clearly about your situation.  Frequently, the challenges we face seem much more severe initially than they do after we have time to review the entire situation.

Christian Bible Lesson 148: Gifts From God

It is easy for us to stress about our life challenges and not be grateful for all the wonderful gifts we received from God at birth.  Sometimes we need to pause our concerns about our current challenges and be grateful that we are alive and have resources to pursue happiness for our family, friends, and fellow workers. 

Christian Bible Lesson 147: Encourage Others

Of course, it is critical for us to always encourage ourselves to achieve those things that are important to us.  It is also important to encourage other people.  It is amazing how effective supporting other people can be.  Sometimes, an initial act of encouragement leads to life changes for people experiencing major challenges.  Frequently life changes lead to happiness for them and other people.

Christian Bible Lesson 144: Maintain a Christian Attitude

Maintaining a Christian attitude means that you understand that all your skills, possessions, relationships, accomplishments, and knowledge are gifts from God. When you were born, you possessed specific God-given talents that you used to advance your abilities. It is critical that you use talent created from God’s gifts to promote Christian beliefs while helping other people.