Christian Bible Lesson 139: Avoid Pointless Conflicts

It is critical to think prior to making attacking statements.  When someone says something to you that you see as an attack, think about the entire situation before responding.  First, thinking about the subject and its importance is critical prior to continuing a conflict.  If the subject of the conflict does not have a major effect on you or your loved ones, it is better to avoid the conflict and let it go. 

Christian Bible Lesson 138: Stand Up To Aggressors

It is important for you to behave according to your Christian beliefs.  Do not allow other people to cause you to change your character and attack them.  Regardless of whether the person attacking you is a stranger, friend, or family member, you should respond the same way.  Do not betray your own character to address an assault from someone else.

Christian Bible Lesson 137: Pain and Suffering    

All of us will endure pain and suffering during our lifetime.  Some of that pain is caused by outside factors and other pain is a direct result of our own actions.  Sometimes suffering can be a blessing if the pain teaches us that we committed evil acts.  It is critical to learn from pain and suffering.  Ignoring the reason behind the pain could lead to creating many more evil acts resulting in more severe pain.

Christian Bible Lesson 136: Family Unity    

Raymond and his brother Sid work on the same sales team.  They sell stocks and mutual funds to investors that are part of an investment group sponsored by the company where they work.  They have a list of the contacts in the investment group.  They call a contact and present ideas for stock purchases.  If a purchase is the result of the call, the person who originated the call processes the sale and receives a commission for that sale on their next paycheck. 

Christian Bible Lesson 133: Do not be Depressed

Do not allow yourself to lose sight of your objectives in life due to depression.  It is important that you understand that God is with you and will not allow you to endure more than you can handle. 

Keep sight of your objectives and continue to move toward them, always helping others find their way.  It is easy to allow yourself to lose sight of those things you wish to accomplish because of unforeseen challenges or even outright failures.  It is much more difficult to remain on your course toward planned accomplishments when facing major challenges.

Christian Bible Lesson 127: Avoid Anger

Anger and hatred are emotions we must do our best to avoid.  You do experience those emotions initially, but it is critical to not allow them to control your behavior. 

Compassion, mercy, love, patience, kindness, charity, goodness, self-control, and others are the good emotions we can use to combat anger and hatred.  When someone does something terrible to you, you will experience anger at first.  However, initially, it is important to control your actions and give yourself time to think about what you should do versus reacting to the situation.