As I grew older, I watched my health much closer.  I had some concerns: being overweight, being sick too often, feeling light-headed at times, among other challenges.  I tried a few proposed solutions, such as specific diet recommendations, exercise programs, and a few commercial health products.  After some time with each recommended solution, I did not feel my health improvement was permanent.  I also felt that the solutions I tried were short term oriented. 

I decided to approach my health concerns in the same way I would approach a business challenge.  I needed a plan with measurements and a way to verify if the plan was working.  Then I could verify the plan regularly.

Define Health Goals

My first step was to define what I wanted to accomplish.  In my case I had many health challenges:  overweight, blood sugar levels, cholesterol counts, being tired frequently, lack of concentration, poor sleeping habits, and feeling light-headed frequently. 

The second step was to narrow the list of goals to items I could measure. I chose overweight, blood sugar, and cholesterol.  I was confident that I could create a plan to improve those three measurements.


My next step was to research possible approaches to reducing all three of my chosen goals.  The overweight was probably the one that required the least amount of research.  I knew a significant amount of my meals included too much food from the wrong food groups, such as sugar and fats.  I also knew I ate too much food. I did do some research (I posted some of the suggestions in previous articles), which included drinking water thirty minutes before each meal, removing sugar as much as possible, and eating more fruits and vegetables. 

My doctor gave me a prescription for Cholesterol, and avoiding sugar helped with the Blood Sugar issue. 

The Plan

Next, I created a plan to measure the results.  I created a spreadsheet that lists the main meals, the prescription, water, and exercise daily with a column for comments for each day.  I gave myself points for meeting each objective per day with weekly and monthly totals. I did have a blood test once a quarter to measure my cholesterol level and A1C for my blood sugar level. The blood steadily improved.

Then I used a few health products from Vasayo to assist with the effort.  I took the vitamins, the Sleep Product, and the Energy Product.


I stuck to the plan for over two years.  The results were that I felt much healthier, lost weight, and my blood sugar is normal.  By monitoring the progress daily, I was able to progress.  It took discipline to continue working during those days when I fell short of the plan.  It is important to understand that there will be times when the discipline is not there.  During those times it is important to continue working the plan.


It is important to note that I had a few health challenges this year. As a result, my weight has increased and I do not have as much energy. I am going back to my plan to return to the previous health condition. It is important to always measure your health and take steps as necessary.

Published by Jim Brandt

Jim Brandt was an all-conference college football player and served as a Marine Corps pilot during the Vietnam War. He also started a software company and served as an executive for the fifth-largest bank in the United States. Brandt won the Democratic party nomination for Congress twice. He is married and has three children.