Earlier this week, I went to Kaiser to have an MRI on my right leg.   The process took about an hour.  My next appointment is in two weeks.  I hope I learn the results of the MRI sooner than that.  My leg is feeling much better. I can get in and out of my car without struggling and it is not a big effort to put on my socks and shoes. I want to begin walking or running, but I do not want the pain to come back.  I will wait to talk with the doctor. After the Doctor sees the MRI results he will know more about the condition of my leg.

Leg Better But Other Challenges

The weight I gained since I stopped running is my biggest challenge right now.  I did lose some weight during the past couple of weeks.  Then this week the weight I lost previously returned.  I am not sure why.  I was very careful about my eating.  I am also experiencing a lack of energy and difficulty focusing on my work.

Plan For The Next Month

I am going to work more on planning activities to complete each day and tracking the results.   I decided to create a form that I will use on the computer to track all planning with work, family, friends, and personal objectives.  I will share the planner format in the next Blog Article.

Challenges Created By My Condition

I am not completing nearly as much work as I did a few months ago.  Many people from the business depend on my effort.  I must do better, or they will suffer.  Creating documents, conducting sales presentations, and leading online sessions require me to focus or business will be lost.  Also, it is an effort to maintain this Blog and update the Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Twitter, and market my new book.

I am assisting with the Sermon this week at Church.  I did prepare for my presentation.  It seemed the preparation for the small role in the Sermon was easier to focus than doing follow-up sales calls with prospects. I must apply to the same discipline to work as I do for Church.


I do feel much better but I have work to do before I am back to normal. I want to make sure I accomplish as much as possible while still working on getting healthy.  I do believe that drinking a lot of water and not eating after 3 pm is helping me even though I did gain some weight this week. I believe that if I stick to the diet plan and complete the planned tasks each day, I will lose the weight and be able to focus much more than I do now. 

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