Current Status

My leg has improved significantly since last week.  I am doing my workouts and my walk tossing a 4 lb medicine ball.  Now my biggest challenge is lack of energy, need to lose more weight, and improve my focus so I can complete more activities per day.  I have a doctor’s appointment next week.  I will learn the results of the MRI at that time.


I experienced improvements in several areas.  The first area is my discipline to stick to the eating plan.  Restricting my diet to specific food and a specific time has always been a major challenge for me.  I tend to eat more snacks when I am bored.  The major difference this time is that I learned about the Daniel Fast while I was preparing to teach a Christian Lesson.  I was fascinated by how Daniel used his fast to address his challenging situation.  What made his fast different was that he ate food that came directly from seeds.  He did not eat any meat, fish, or seafood.  He did not drink any wine or juice.  He only drank water.  I searched the Internet using Google and discovered several websites that supported the “Daniel” Fast.  I found a few websites that were not Spiritual.  Those websites used medical information to support their concepts.  Both the spiritual and medical websites supported the same approach.  They said to avoid processed food and any meat, fish, or seafood.  The Daniel Diet lasts 21 days.  Most of the websites suggested the same length of time.  I was amazed.  I started the Fast last Sunday, January 26, 2020.  At this time, I have completed four days without any exceptions to the fast rules. 


After four days, I lost fourteen pounds.  I do not expect the weight loss to continue at this rate.  So far, I have been able to resist eating outside of the Fast requirements.  There are three major factors.  First, I pray every time I want to each something that is not part of the plan.  Praying helps me in several ways.  First, the obvious benefit is that I know God will help me.  Second, I focus on my goal of the twenty-one days, which gives me the motivation to continue the fast.  The third factor is the result of daily planning.  I do not have as much time to think about eating snacks.


I am looking forward to my doctor’s appointment next Thursday.  I do what to learn the results from the MRI, but I feel so much better now.  I can get in and out of my car, and I can put on my socks and shoes, and my leg has not caused me pain in four days.  I will continue to measure the progress with my leg and report that progress on future Blog Articles.

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