Bible Verses

“For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”  Matthew 6:14-15

Christian Bible Lesson Overview

To forgive someone does not mean that the wrong someone did is OK, it means that you are releasing them from any consideration for the injustice they committed.   There are times when this is a difficult concept to accept.  It is essential to understand that when you release them, you free yourself from stress and you will enjoy your life more than you would if you made an issue with the other person.

Christian Bible Lesson for Today

Back when I was playing high school football, I had experiences where other players took credit for my accomplishments or somethings other players did not work as hard during practice as they should have. They made mistakes during the game that affected my performance.  During my first three years, I did not handle those situations well.  I spent a lot of energy, making sure those players knew how I felt about them. 

I had to move from a small town in Northern California to Los Angeles just before my senior year.  I was so upset; I thought my college scholarship hopes were over.  I prayed for help.  The message I received was to play for the team, not my accomplishments.  I did not understand how this would help me be competitive in Los Angels when I only had my senior year to play. 

I did follow the advice.  My only thought was to help the team.  I spent all my energy helping the other players support the team.  It was amazing how much more I could accomplish, and I was not concerned about credit.  I was much happier.  The result was that the players, coaches, and fans gave me plenty of support even though I was only there one year.  I did get a football scholarship, but also if I had not played football in college, I was so much happier than I was in my first three years of high school.

Years later, I realized that the answer to my prayer to play for the team was a Christian Lesson I was taught many times in church.   I applied this Christian Lesson when I was in the Marine Corps and later when I founded my business.   

Christian Bible Lesson Summary 

An excellent benefit from Christian Lessons is that following them not only fulfills your commitment to God, but it improves your life on earth.    You do not have to ignore some did something wrong to release them from any obligation to you.  If you want forgiveness for all of your sins, you must forgive others.          

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