Bible Verse

“Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man; but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.”  Matthew 15:11

Christian Bible Lesson Overview

Many religions and specific Churches have rules and guidelines they instruct their members to follow.  Often these rules are very detailed.  You may choose to agree to the laws of a specific Church.  However, following the commandments and Christian Lessons from the Bible are what make makes you closer to God, not the requirements of a particular Church.

Christian Bible Lesson for Today

During the time I was a child, our family moved to different locations many times.  My father was an engineer for the State of California.   The state would transfer him every couple of years.  We usually lived in a small town that only had one or two Protestant Churches.  I attended different types of Churches.   Although all the Churches believed in the Christian Lessons from the Bible, each one had different interpretations regarding how Christian Lessons applied to our lives. 

My father taught me that the Church was an excellent place to meet other people who believed in Christianity and share experiences.  He also said that many people have an understanding of what the Bible means.  It is more important to read the Bible and pray than to rely on the guidelines of a specific Church.  He made it clear that I needed to develop my knowledge based on reading the Bible, listening to other people, and praying. 

I found that the Christian Lessons in the New Testimate were easy to understand.  I was able to apply those lessons to my life.  However, there were some Christian Lessons that I learned as a child but did not realize how much they affected my life until I was an adult.  One specific example was when the answer to prayer was to play for the team, not for my recognition.  I learned how helping the other players on the football team rather than promoting myself was better for the entire team, including me.  However, it took me another ten years to understand that this lesson applied to all parts of my life, not just sports.  I learned that I had to continue to evaluate the Christian Lessons and apply those lessons to all aspects of my life.  My understanding of some Christian Lessons changed after I experienced different situations.

Christian Bible Lesson Summary

Each Church will have its guidelines for the operation of the Church.  Although the members should follow those guidelines, they should rely on their own experiences and always be open to a new understanding as they grow their relationship with God. 

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