Bible Verse

“No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind.  God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so you can endure it.”  1 Corinthians 10:13

Christian Bible Lesson Overview

There are times when our immediate reaction to a situation is to respond in an untruthful way.  Initially, the quick response seems the most beneficial.  It is critical to take time and reflect on the case before sinning.  Your first impulse may seem like the best choice at that moment, but after reflection, the long-term effect will be negative.  The positive result from resisting temptation may be challenging initially, but the overall result is that you and other people will benefit from avoiding sin.

Christian Bible Lesson for Today

In my business, I sell software our company developed to small and medium-sized companies.  Part of the sales process is to review the support policy and software upgrade plan with the potential customer.  During the sales process, the potential customer will typically request some changes to the software. I usually document those requests and include them on the final proposal with a cost for each request.   After the customer begins using the software, the customer may ask about one of their requests.  Since the proposal lists all work with costs, referring the customer to the proposal is simple. 

One specific customer asked for a feature change in the eCommerce website early in the sales process.  I wanted to close the sale because that customer could refer many other potential customers from the same group.  Therefore, I mentioned to him that we would include a specific modification at no cost.  However, a couple of weeks later, I did not include the modification when I created the proposal.  The customer signed the proposal, and the sale was closed.

The customer called me two weeks after the implementation was complete and asked about the modification.  My first thought was to tell the customer to review the proposal and see if the modification was listed.  Instead, I thought about the situation and realized that I promised to do the work at no cost and forgot to include the project in the proposal.

I told the customer that I forgot about the modification when I created the proposal, so the development team did not do the work.  After I corrected my mistake, the development team completed the job within a few days.

Before admitting that I made a mistake, I thought about telling the customer that he should have reviewed the proposal before signing it.   Instead, I told the truth and included the work at no charge.   Taking the time to review the situation allowed me to find an honest approach.  That customer has referred many other customers.

Christian Bible Lesson Summary

If you take the time to think through a temptation, God will provide a way for you to endure the situation without sinning.  The process may take longer than you would like, but you will be OK.

Published by Jim Brandt

Jim Brandt was an all-conference college football player and served as a Marine Corps pilot during the Vietnam War. He also started a software company and served as an executive for the fifth-largest bank in the United States. Brandt won the Democratic party nomination for Congress twice. He is married and has three children.